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Korea's Best Dash Cam

Released in USA  

VUGERA is the premium dash cam brand ranked the highest in overall customer satisfaction while achieving the highest fault tolerance in the automotive parts industry, which in particularly supplies its products to the global motor vehicle manufacturers as OEM parts or aftermarket parts.

Since launching the brand in 2013, VUGERA has sold over 1.3M dash cams to various customers, especially including Mercedes-Benz (known as the most preferred foreign car by customers in Korea) for which VUGERA's dash cams are exclusively supplied as standard equipment, and Lotte, Korea's largest rent-a-car fleet.

"VUGERA", the second biggest dash cam brand in South Korea in terms of a production yield in 2018, Entered the North American market in 2020.

Expanding into the North American market represents VUGERA's first step to enhance its global competitive advantages with the already-proven product reliability.


Why the world's #1 luxury car brand (and many others) have chosen us?
It's rather simple.
We have delivered over 1.2 million dash cams that have fulfilled automotive manufacturer's most toughest endurance and quality requirements.
We are now moving beyond to offer our customers globally the most reliable dash cam with the best value for money.


At VUGERA, we are primarily developing LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors for a better, efficient and safer autonomous future.
Another area is V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication terminals for autonomous vehicles.  
VUGERA was appointed by the South Korean government to lead this task together with one of the world's biggest automotive manufacturer.
Therefore, do rest assured that your VUGERA dash cam is not just any product, but a future sustainable brand that you can trust and reply on.