Features and Benefits

Your Co-Driver. Your Witness.

VUGERA dashcams are automotive industry-proven onboard surveillance camera devices developed to monitor and record driving incidents. In Parking Mode, the VUGERA initiates recording upon an impact or motion detection. Every impact or motion event is separately saved using our auto-looping feature. Footages can be used as supplementary evidence for insurance and legal purposes, which protects the driver and the vehicle against insurance frauds, vandalism, or hit-and-runs.


When the moment comes, your VUGERA will assist you as your co-driver,  your witness, and your 2nd eye.


Quick Access to your Evidence.

In an incident, drivers are usually in a panic not knowing what to do as they are in severe shock and stress. Trying to connect your mobile phone to a dashcam through Wi-Fi can be a horrific experience especially if your connection setup becomes unstable. The reason why most dashcam apps have a poor review rating on major app stores is that dashcam apps are unstable and fail to connect while downloading the footage. For this reason, we have a high-resolution touchscreen monitor enabling quick and easy access through the tip of your finger. An IPS LCD delivers a crystal-clear visual display of your footage without having to go through any hassle or time delay.


Key product features to consider when choosing a reliable performance dash cam


  1. Automatic Power Management with Auto-Looping Technology

  2. Impact and Motion Detection capability to record the most crucial moment

  3. Product Safety and Durability with Super Capacitors that withstand extreme heat

  4. Highly Autonomous and Self-Diagnostic with an audible announcement

  5. Vibration resistant safety mount with VHB adhesive for driver and occupant safety

  6. Parking Mode recording designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures

  7. LCD with touchscreen for quick and easy access to the system including record data

The most important consideration would be, to choose an automotive industry-proven dashcam.