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Expanding into the USA


VUGERA is the premium dash cam brand ranked the highest in overall customer satisfaction while achieving the highest fault tolerance in the automotive parts industry, which in particularly supplies its products to the global motor vehicle manufacturers as OEM parts or aftermarket parts.


​Founded in 2013, VUGERA is one of the leading dashcam manufacturers in South Korea where dashcam take rates are very high due to insurers accepting footage as evidence in claims while providing discounts on the annual insurance cost for the dashcam owner. As this demand trend emerges around the globe, VUGERA is seeking new challenges and opportunities in a fast-changing world.

Expanding into the North American market represents VUGERA's first step to enhance its global competitive advantages with the already-proven product reliability.

We will always put our customers first. We are committed to being chosen for reliable and trustworthy products.


If you are interested in joining the North American dream, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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